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November 10, 2010



dear josephine
some people cant see the abuse by one partner.
I was feeling a bit like this myself but my x was emotionally abusive ,it does make you coubt yourself as your whole view of life is altered by what you are living through with him.
you are a precious human being and dont deserve to be treated this way,get out and get some help for this
the other day after being free from my x for a year, i found myself in the car singing at the top of my lungs and the guy next to me laughed . But it made me realise that in time you start to feel not only better but fantastic .I still have work to do to recover but looking forward to the future x


I now that I have been verbally abused but recently after 18 years of marriage my husband became hands on physical. Yes, he has kicked down doors but never touched me until a month ago. I have been called every name under the sun, but I always had a part in the problem according to him. We began therapy but the therapist is saying I have boarder line personality disorder because of my father leaving and mother addiction issues. Do I have a disorder or I am a victim of abuse? My husband keeps telling me its my disorder and refuses to take mood stableizers for his temper. I feel so confused and have no voice. I do know deep inside this is not right and he is not owning up to his issues and making me feel crazy but I cant understand how our councelor cant see the abuse I have encountered and help me vs telling me I have a disorder???

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