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October 18, 2010



I love your strong words here! When I was in an abusive lifestyle (it's more than the relationship), I used to be overwhelmed with the three words "shoulda, coulda, woulda". I should have done it differently, I could be better, I would do that if I could...you get the idea. Same thing you're talking about here. I call them the dirtiest words in the English language.

I also love your description of the change of mindset. When I was going through this I amused myself by comparing my husband to the Grinch. Every time he would be a jerk, I'd just start singing the grinch song. I changed my username to grinchwife. I put up little stickers with quotes from the Grinch movie. He never knew what it meant, but I did. It was incredibly freeing to make this little change in my mindset. It made all the difference.

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