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February 13, 2009


Amanda Johnson

I love your blog. Very good. Very real. My experiences are confirmed here! Thanks and keep it up!

I'm newly married, and the shock of being loved and accepted is sometimes what triggers an avalanche of grief and guilt about "time wasted" and all of that. I find that perhaps I grew "addicted" to the drama and bad feelings and without them, with a neutral feeling I don't always feel "normal." This blog is right on target.

-Amanda Johnson
(formerly Conti for 18 years)


This has help me understand, why i feel this way after being in a ten years relationships. He cheated on me has told me many time he cares and loves me, but not IN LOVE with me. Now i see it now that at one point towards the ends it became a verbal abusive relationships.

This message has help me cope. with my sorrow and the sadness.
I also feel after all those years

i think that my investment and life have been waste for nothing.

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