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October 19, 2007



Although the physical violence in my marriage was not severe, no broken bones, major bruising or anything requiring medical attention, when I was set to leave my ex-husband there was no doubt in my mind that my life was in danger. Women need to understand that this is a very real threat. There are plenty of cases where the physical violence was not overly severe but the woman still ends up dead. I heard of such a case in my own city just recently. The longer you stay the greater the danger. You think he won't cross certain lines, but he will. People who have not been in the situation do not understand the danger and those in it cannot often believe it. I saw the psychopath behind the man's eyes and know I am lucky to be alive. He has now found a new victim who I have duly warned to no effect. She may be the one he puts in the ground, but at least now it won't be me.

Wabi Sabi Me

As a survivor of DV, I say "ditto" and would add, that it was at that lowest moment, when I knew I had nothing and no one, that I was able to make the decision to live.

Within three months I had the restraining order removing my violent husband from the home. It was served to him on the day he had given me as a deadline to "straighten up" or there would be "consequences."

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